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Virtual Stock Exchange is a web application, which gives people a chance to try trading stocks without investing real money.

Master your trading skills
Trade on world stock exchanges with ease


Virtual Stock Exchange is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Default language can be set by an administrator, but users can choose their own interface language. All translations and text messages can be easily modified.


The application is fully responsive, which means it is displayed perfectly on every device irrespective of its screen size. It also works well in all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer (starting from version 10) and others.


USD, GBP, EUR, CHF, CAD, AUD, SEK, DKK, INR, BRL or JPY can be selected as the default account currency. When trading stocks, which are nominated in a currency different from the user account currency, foreign exchange rate is applied automatically.


Virtual Stock Exchange is built using a modern technology stack (PHP MVC framework, MySQL, jQuery, Semantic UI), so it will run smoothly on almost any server. PHP 5.5+ and MySQL 5.5+ are required, a shared server environment will work, but VPS or dedicated server is recommended.

Main features

Virtual Stock Exchange

Markets screen

Markets page provides a quick overview of the current state of global markets.

  • Time in global financial centres
  • Breaking news ticker
  • Major currencies rates
  • Major stock indexes quotes
  • Personalized watchlist
  • Most actively traded stocks
  • Stock exchanges schedule
  • Real-time quotes updates

Trade screen

Trade page allows users to buy and sell stocks with one click, displays key statistics, news headlines and interactive charts for a selected stock.

  • Stocks search by symbol or name
  • Trade stocks
  • Add or remove stocks to / from watchlist
  • Key statistics (market capitalization, shares outstanding, trading volume etc)
  • News headlines
  • Interactive stock chart with comparison capabilities
Virtual Stock Exchange
Virtual Stock Exchange

Portfolio screen

Portfolio page allows users to manage their position in stocks and view history of trades.

  • Historical Cost, Market Value and Unrealized P/L of current position
  • Trades history
  • Balance history chart

Earn money with Virtual Stock Exchange

Earn additional income from Google AdSense ad blocks displayed in the website header on main pages. The ad blocks are responsive and will automatically adapt to mobile devices. You can also turn it off at any time if needed.

Enable paid subscription and charge your clients for using the website on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. After free trial period users will be required to choose a subscription plan and make a payment to continue trading on Virtual Stock Exchange.

Another option is to set up a limited initial balance and let users purchase extra virtual credits by paying real money. The conversion rate between virtual and real money can be specified in the admin panel.

Admin functionality
Customize Virtual Stock Exchange to meet your needs

Set color theme, default language, account currency and balance
Set RSS feed, default watchlist, stock indexes and currencies
Configure two-factor authentication via Clickatell
Manage users (view / edit / create / delete / block)
Manage users portfolios (view trades and portfolios)
Configure monetization (Google AdSense, PayPal)

Even more great features

Social share buttons

You can easily add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Email sticky buttons to let your users easily share a link to Virtual Stock Exchange with their friends.


Users can send an individual invite link to their friends. When a friend signs up using this link both referrer and referee get extra virtual cash (amount can be configured through the admin panel).

MailChimp integration

Automatically subscribe registered users to a predefined MailChimp list.

Google Analytics integration

Easily set up Google Analytics tracking through the admin panel to get in depth understanding about who and how use Virtual Stock Exchange.

Too good to be true?
Create a virtual trading account and see for yourself

All users are provided with virtual $100,000 USD to practice stock trading.


Run your own Virtual Stock Exchange
Purchase a license and get it up and running on your domain